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    I have a Galaxy Note 3 on Sprint and I want to use it for USB tethering to my PC. I have the appropriate drivers installed on the PC and if I have wifi turned on and connected to my home network on my note 3 it shares the data connection to my PC via the USB while the wifi is turned off on the PC. BUT, if i turn the Note 3 wifi off and try to tether to my PC the 3g or 4g icon disappears from my top bar on the phone and i get a mobile data error. Sharing my wifi on the note 3 with a PC that has the ability to connect to the same wifi as the phone is worthless to me. Can i share my 3g/4g with a PC via USB tethering? What am I doing wrong? I have Kit Kat ver. 4.4.2. Sorry if this has been discussed already but I cannot find the exact same issue or solve to this problem. Please help.
    07-16-2014 11:39 PM

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