1. AC Question's Avatar
    MY PHONE SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 gt i9300 was off because the battery was run out and when i charge it ,,it wont charge..so i use to try to use another phone to charge on it to let know if the charger have the problem...and yes it running,,but why my samsung galaxy s3 gt-i9300 wont charge on it??? please help me
    07-26-2014 04:56 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! So it's charging with another charger, but not on yours? Charging cables can fail, so maybe you need a new one.

    The other thing to consider is to try a new battery. In general, try not to let a battery run out completely--if you do it too often, there's more chance it will drain to true zero, which is irreversible.
    07-26-2014 12:16 PM

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