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    Here's the background story:

    Bought for Christmas 2012, has worked great until a few weeks ago. Son took it to a sleepover, some kid used it until the battery died completely (is what I was told) and then it would never power up again.

    Tried the Google troubleshooting (power, power and volume, plugged into computer usb) and nothing. Talked to Google tech support, it's out of warranty, transferred me to Asus, they want $200 to fix (which I will not pay because I can buy a brand new one for $250).

    Bought a new battery on eBay, still no luck. Bought a motherboard (same model and part number) on eBay, still nothing. With the original motherboard I would plug it into computer and my laptop would tell me the device is not working properly and wouldn't recognize. Now with the new motherboard the laptop doesn't even acknowledge the device is connected at all.

    Tested the battery, I'm getting 3.5vdc. I know the charging port must have been working because the supposed original "dead battery" reads 3.5vdc after being on the charger for a day.

    Did I get a bad motherboard? The seller said it was tested and working and was updated to android 4.4.4 kit kat, so I'd like to believe I got a working motherboard. What else could it be? Is there any way to test this thing at all to diagnose the problem?

    I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give me.
    08-05-2014 10:40 PM

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