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    Hi All,

    Warm Greetings...

    I have samsung galaxy note with Jelly Bean, Yesterday my started charging my phone after the battery was dead, once the battery was some level I switched on the phone but it was staying in welcome page with SAMSUNG logo flashing on and off, even after 10 minutes it was the same, so i went to recovery mode with volume UP, Power Key and Home key and chose wipe cache partition and it was successful.

    Now my phone takes long to boot, the phone started with Samsung Galaxy set up page and all, Once i did the setup, i saw all my contacts is gone, I have all my photos/videos/audios but i am sure how only my contact got erased.

    Can someone please help me to find a way and recover it.

    Many thanks in advance

    Best Regards,
    08-12-2014 09:33 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! After a cache partition wipe, the phone should not have restarted into the basic setup screen--it should have booted normally. Are you absolutely sure you selected wipe cache partition, and not wipe data/factory reset? Did you have to reinstall all of your apps? Sign back in to all of your Google apps? If so, then you likely did a full factory reset. The media might still be there if it was on an external SD card in the first place.

    Another possibility is that the phone had some kind of catastrophic glitch, and did a factory reset on its own, which is what you saw when it was stuck on the Samsung Logo.

    Were your contacts associated with your Google account, or with the Phone account? If they were with your Google account, they should re-sync to your People app. If they were with the Phone account and you did a full factory reset, then you probably lost them, unless you had synced them with your computer using Kies.
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    08-13-2014 02:05 AM

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