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    Alright here is the situation. I went to charge my phone today and noticed that the battery symbol, rather than being accompanied by the usual lightning bolt, was instead covered with a red X. I looked up the issue and saw that it mainly was caused by using an improper charger cable or by using one that wasn't the original provided. At the time, I was using the original cable, but in the name of troubleshooting I have now used a total of 5 or 6 different cables and the problem persists in every case. It seems that it charges a good bit slower than normal, but the problem is more significant than just slow charging.

    When the phone is off and plugged into a charger, it constantly does a burst of vibration every 2-3 seconds. In addition, it doesn't show the usual battery charge indicator. Basically it's a black screen that vibrates every few seconds. Also, if I want to turn the phone on while plugged in, I often have to either hit the button a couple times or hold it for a signification duration in order to successfully power the phone on.

    Finally, I have been unable to get the phone to connect to my PC consistently. In my testing, the only time I'm able to sometimes get it connected is when the phone is booted up while connected. Also, sometimes (with an emphasis on some) I'll get a regular charging icon during this time. I have also noticed the red X going away and being replaced by the charging icon after it being plugged in for 20-40 minutes. All that being said, when it does connect or when the proper icon does appear, if I remove and replug the USB the problem comes back and the red X and lack of PC connection happens again.

    Other things I have tried so far:
    Testing the battery of one of my roommates who has the same phone/same carrier. My battery seemed to work fine in his and his battery seemed to work a little better in mine (when off it wouldn't vibrate and I would get a charging indicator when the phone was off and plugged in). But once booted up, the red X would appear once I unplugged and replugged the phone.

    One other thing of note while testing phones with my roommate. With his, upon plugging in the character it would almost immediately be recognized by the phone and start charging. With mine, it would usually take a little while (maybe 10-20 seconds) before it realized that the cable was plugged in before it claimed to be charging (usually with the red X).

    Anyway, any help would be appreciated. The main issue is that I can't connect to the PC, I can live with the other stuff if necessary but I assume it's all connected as they all started happening today.
    08-16-2014 02:30 AM
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    The first thing I'd try is a different USB cable.
    04-06-2015 01:32 AM

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