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    Alright I went ahead and tried to remove carrier iq by hand as mentioned all over the web
    I used Android Tuner and unchecked what was supposed to be unchecked.
    However when I use ES file explorer it will not delete the (2) libiq files. No matter what I do.
    Deleted LADDM.apk and yes I backed it up.

    To answer any people ahead if time, yes I know what I'm doing and I gave root access to both apps mentioned.

    Can I just rename the libs and leave them there or will I get the force stop error or worse a boot loop.

    Please respond A.S.A.P I don't want to reboot my phone until I know.

    Voodoo detector says it is still active and I have a score of 270, seems it sees the libiq files I renamed and some other item related to receiver.

    All other CIQ detectors say no CIQ found, except carrieriq red pill and voodoo apps.

    UPDATE: My phone got stuck and rebooted itself and I ran voodoo again, this time it gave me a score of 70 and said "carrier elements found- however it seems inactive". Just see's the two lib files and receiver.

    I want to get rid of the lib files and haven't found a file manager that will delete them still.

    So after ES file explorer failed to delete the lib files I downloaded five other file managers and they failed too, then I downloaded Root Browser by Jrummy and it freaking worked!! Voodoo now says carrier iq not found but still shows the receiver. For anyone trying to remove CIQ do NOT use ES file explorer and just use Root Browser by Jrummy.
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    08-30-2014 02:02 AM

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