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    I was looking for a way to save some values from my application to a webservice, after some research I became familiar with Google Backup service, considering that the size of those values weren’t so big, I decided to use the service,
    So I have registered for the service with my test package name with the following link:
    developer. android. com /google/backup/signup.html?csw=1
    The link provided me with a tag that was mentioned to put in my application’s manifest file under <application> tag.

    Now, I’m looking for some information showing me how to use the service properly,
    For example, I have saved some values in a database and I want to save the database on the web, and I want to be able to use that database somewhere else.

    Another question is that what is the best way for saving and using the values, instead of using sqlite databases, for example is it better to use XML files instead of database, or maybe something else?
    Or is there any more appropriate way than using Google Backup Service for this purpose?

    Any helps will be appreciated.

    Ali Kabiri.
    09-07-2014 02:13 AM

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