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    I'm on my second phone in two months for this exact issue. I bought a brand new HTC m8 got it home set it up and had trouble with a "gentleman" with boundaries. I blocked him, but his calls and texts continued to come through. I DL several text and call blocking apps, and neither worked completely. I called ATT tech support who told me that the apps were the reason bla bla. Then I did a warranty return on the phone. I got a new one and set it all up and he starts bothering me again. Blocking him still doesn't stop the calls or texts from coming through. WHAT GIVES???
    I have in my call log and in my texts "Do Not Answer8" because that's what I filed him under. I've double checked and had ATT and a few local folks double check for me, I've got everything set up right. there is no clear reason why he is not being blocked. Help!
    09-08-2014 02:37 AM

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