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    Morning all,

    My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere in the forum before. I am sure it has because I've been using this and many other forums to try to solve my problem for the past week to no avail. Here's what's going on:

    About a week ago my SIII GT-I9300 (International) started randomly restarting and getting really warm. After a few days of this behavior I woke up one morning after it was on the charger and it would not get past the "Samsung SIII" loading screen. Until this point I have never tried to root my phone and I keep my app downloads to a minimum so not really sure what could have caused this.

    I can still enter both recovery and download/ODIN mode. I have downloaded ODIN and firmware from Samfirmware and various other forums. I have also completed the factory reset/data wipe in recovery mode. Every time I use ODIN to try to flash the firmware I get a FAIL! notification. I follow all of the instructions on the forums to the letter (downloading ODIN, downloading firmware, checking those two required checks, using AP to load the firmware, clicking start after device is "Attached!") so I am not sure why the FAIL! each time. Each of the forums I've seen with these instructions seem to offer no other option for when reaching that point other than "taking out the battery, waiting 6-7 seconds and trying again and then you should see the PASS and your phone is now awesome again." Does this basically mean that I'm hopeless? Do you think it could be hardware related?

    Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.
    09-09-2014 06:46 AM

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