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    Hi Android Central,
    I accessed your website earlier at the time I was hard pressed to find out about how my HTC One X keyboard worked and what to do to make a particular symbol like the £ sign and other symbols appear in my text, I am an oldie and don't have very many young friends that I could trust to ask so I was utterly lost. I came to you and contacted you but I got no response so I am sending you this precious item it took me ages to find it and it could be very valuable for crumblies such as I - or younger people who do their own thing. Here it is .... it would be really good if you could create something basic about how to use Android keyboards for absolute tyro's like us and I think that this item is a good start ... please - for those who cannot find out ............................................................. cheerio Steve Round

    HTC has also changed some of the core components of Android. They have replaced the Android keyboard with their own version.
    HTC Sense keyboard
    Some love it, some hate it. I'm in the first camp. For a look at some of the differences check out th

    More help for your ‎HTC Hero (Android 2.1)‎
    Quick Link to HTC Service
    Using the onscreen keyboard

    Using the onscreen keyboard
    Entering words with predictive text

    Internet connections
    Update and reset
    When you start a program or select a field that requires text or numbers, the onscreen keyboard becomes available.
    Selecting a keyboard layout
    You can choose from three different keyboard layouts to suit your typing style.

    On the onscreen keyboard, tap .
    Tap Keyboard types, and then select the keyboard layout that you want to use. Choose from the following:
    QWERTY This layout is similar to a desktop computer keyboard. This is the default keyboard layout.
    Phone Keypad This layout resembles the traditional mobile phone keypad.
    Compact QWERTY This layout features two letters on each key. The key size is slightly bigger than on the Full QWERTY layout.

    Entering text
    Use the following keys while entering text using the onscreen keyboard:
    Press and hold keys with gray characters at the top to enter numbers, symbols, or accented letters. The gray character displayed on the key is the character that will be inserted when you press and hold that key. Some keys have multiple characters or accents associated with them.
    This is the Shift key. Tap to enter an uppercase letter. The next letter you type will be uppercase. Tap twice to turn on caps lock.
    Tap to switch to the numeric and symbol keyboard.
    This is the Enter key. Tap to create a new line.
    This is the Backspace key. Tap to delete the previous character.
    Tap to hide the onscreen keyboard.
    Tap to open the Touch Input settings menu to change the keyboard type, enable or disable predictive mode in the QWERTY keyboard, and adjust other input settings.
    Tap to toggle between Multitap and XT9 predictive modes when using the Compact QWERTY or Phone keypad layout. For more information, see Entering words with predictive text.
    Changing to the landscape onscreen keyboard
    When entering text, you can choose to use the landscape orientation of the onscreen keyboard.

    The Orientation check box in HOME > MENU > Settings > Sound & display needs to be selected for the screen orientation to automatically change.
    The landscape orientation keyboard is not supported in all applications.

    Rotate your phone left to use a larger keyboard that lets you type easily using your thumbs.
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    09-09-2014 06:06 PM
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    Hello Steve. I'm sorry you didn't receive an answer to your first query just at a time when you needed help. A team of Ambassadors tries to deal with all questions in this forum but inevitably some slip through the net. Other members may be able to offer answers but this can be difficult if the question is device-specific. In my own case as an ordinary member and still very much a smartphone novice I am barely capable of answering the simplest of questions, and even then only over a very narrow range of topics.

    Thank you for the info you have provided. My recommendation to you in your first post, since I would not have been able to answer it, would have been to join as a member and repost the question in the HTC One X forum, where you would probably have received a quick reply from knowledgeable owners. You are still very welcome to join and I hope you will consider doing so!

    To have gone to so much trouble to provide info aimed at helping others, in spite of not getting that help yourself, shows the sort of positive attitude that would make you all the more welcome here at Android Central.☺

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    09-09-2014 10:16 PM

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