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    Hi everyone.

    I should probably preface this question by saying that I have no skills as a developer and know little to nothing about code.

    I own an un-rooted Nexus 5 16GB. It is quite problematic, and Google have made it clear that a warranty refund is an option. While I would like to abandon Android for the iPhone 6 due to my extremely poor experiences with it, I have little choice but to stick with it for the time being due to Apple's ridiculous pricing. Because of this replacement situation, I need to, at any time, be able to return my device to its original, faulty state. Rooting may still be an option - I'm sure one of you will know.

    One thing I despise about the Nexus 5 is the way the volume is set up. There are two specific things I would like to be able to change.

    1) The "Raising volume above this level can cause damage to hearing" dialogue box that appears on each reboot.

    There must be a way to disable this. I don't mean a switch in settings - I'm happy to delve into the coding of KitKat (I'm running 4.4 by the way). While I would prefer not to root, it seems rather inevitable.

    Sidenote: I live with 3 younger siblings. If ANYONE tells me that I should heed this health warning in a condescending way you will feel the full extent of what little wrath I can convey through a monitor.

    2) The number of volume options available.

    On the Nexus 5, you have 8 system volume settings to choose from, ranging from mute to maximum. This sounds OK at first, but when you actually use it, you realise how crappy it feels.

    8 volume options includes mute, meaning that there is no 8th volume, because there is essentially a 0th one. There is, therefore, no half-way volume setting - it would be half way through the 3rd and 4th.

    The same problem occurs with the 16 options within applications. By contrast, Apple use 9 and 17, which work so much better.

    Any way around this? At all?

    Thanks everyone.
    09-10-2014 01:29 AM

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