1. Nchaka's Avatar
    When I am in a store and I want to use Google Wallet, is there a way to switch the credit card before I make the purchase? Or do I have to change my default card before hand?
    I have to admit that with all the hoopla over Apple Pay, I want to try using Google Wallet as much as I can. I have multiple credit cards entered into my wallet, but I want to change the credit card occasionally. Plus, I will see if my Att Note 3 will allow me to use wallet. If not, I will look at the Nexus 6 when it comes out.
    09-13-2014 11:18 AM
  2. cpaight's Avatar
    Yea you have to go into the app and select which card to use first.....you can't tap and then choose.
    09-14-2014 09:30 AM

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