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    Hoping someone can help a layman trying to figure out what my voice and data connectivity would really be like if I were to use the LG G Pro 2 D838 on ATT (in the Boston area).

    ATT's BYOD page says the device has to be compatible with:
    3G UMTS network 850/1900MHz bands
    4G LTE network AWS / 700 / 850 / 1900MHz bands

    The LG G Pro 2 D838 lists the following:
    Network: 4G: 1800/2600 MHz / 3G: 900/2100 MHz / GSM: 900/1800/1900 MHz

    So even I can see that I'd be limited to connectivity over ATT's 1900 (and lose whatever wall-penetrating advantages my Google searches suggest 850 has); but what about data? Would the phone get ATT's 3G and 4G over the 1900, or only 2G?

    09-15-2014 10:38 AM

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