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    hey guys. so I'm using an HTC one m8 from verizon. after the newest update (i updated on the 17th i think) my keyboard switches all smileys (e.g; :0 :P ) to the emoji version. I went through all the settings and there is nothing there to change it. I even used different keyboards to see if that could solve it… but it did not. I contacted my Verizon store and they looked at my phone. they had no idea what was going on. I also contacted HTC and they said it's on Verizon's end (which i believe because other android users are having the same problem). The funny thing is however, even though it switches the text to emoji on my end, it still sends as text on their end. And if they send me a text smiley, i still receive it as emoji. It is just frustrating to me because I'm not a fan of emojis too often. i'd rather see the text version. are you guys having the same issue? any fixes? thanks!
    09-19-2014 10:43 AM

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