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    Just got the Tab S at Costco yesterday. I still can't figure out how to swiftly get to see all of the apps when I have one opened, say the Browser or MyFiles. In other words I want to get to my entire list of apps so I can open the GooglePlayStore or Kindle or whatever. I am use to BB devices and the Z10 and the Playbook where I can easily Swipe away and Active App and see icons for everything else. Yes, I'm sure I MAY get use to this interface.

    But actually, the primary question that triggered this is: is there anything like Wifi-Sharing (is the a Blackberry term?). Where I can easily use Win Explorer and move files between the Tab S and my computer using WIFI and not be tied to the more fragile usb port/cable setup? I did find AirDroid but it apparently does not allow the copying of FOLDERS which is kind of limiting. Any other apps with more horsepower?

    Ah, so what do some of you think about the Logitech BT keyboard coupled with this tab?

    Oh, while I'm at it - what is the mechanism whereby the case (included with the Costco purchase) or the Logitech keyboard/case can turn on/off the screen? A sleep magnet sensor and if so, where?

    I keep getting a popup to the effect "would you give Google permission to check your apps/device." Is there a setting to turn this off. It suggests see Google Settings. Where the heck is Google Settings since that seems quite generic and I did not see anything that pops out about that Notification.

    And there will be tons more questions unless I exercise Costco's return policy if I can't get comfortable with the Android way of things. But I have to say the screen is quite exceptional and it seems quite well-made.

    Thanks in advance.

    F2, an Ambassador over on the Crackberry side of the house.
    09-19-2014 03:34 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central, from one Ambassador to another!

    I don't believe there's a quick one-touch way to open your App Drawer from within another app. The App Drawer also doesn't show up in the Recent Apps list, since it technically isn't an app in itself.

    For wi-fi file transfer, try WiFi File Explorer, although I've never tried moving folders with it.

    Most devices have a smartcover sensor, which detects the weak magnet embedded in the smartcover. When it detects the magnet up close, it makes the device go to sleep. Take the magnet away, and it wakes up. The sensor is often at the left bezel (when in portrait orientation), but you could take any old magnet and test for yourself.

    The message about letting Google check your apps is probably the Verify Apps setting, which allows Google to scan your device for malicious apps. I'd turn it on. It's in Settings>Security.

    Enjoy! The Tab S is a pretty awesome device.
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    09-19-2014 05:15 PM

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