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    I constantly disable sync for google +, google + photos and google +uploads. A few hours later it is enabled again. This happens in settings/accounts/google. My photos keep being uploaded to the cloud against my wishes and uses up a ton of data. I will take a test photo and access google photos with my pc. Every photo ends up in the cloud.

    Another problem is deleting the photos from google + photos site. I delete them, see them in the trash but there are always about 10 photos related to my profile picture that i can't get rid off. No matter what i do those pics appear.

    Seems like there are two ways to get photos to the cloud, back up and sync. I think my problem is with the sync vice the backup feature.

    i simply want to have control about what/when photos get uploaded. Especially since its costing me money (data).

    I have;
    - Turned auto backup off in google photos.
    - Set backup to wifi only.
    - Gone to app mgr and cleared cache and re started.
    - Deleted and re-installed my google account. Choose option not to auto backup.

    09-22-2014 03:40 AM

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