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    I've had my LG Lucid 2 for just under a year. It has gone through some wear, just as all phones do, but I keep a screen protector and case on it at all times so that it doesn't break. The phone itself looks like it's in fine condition, but suddenly it just won't turn on. It flashes the LG logo on a black screen, then it loads the Verizon logo on a white screen. Once it gets to the Verizon logo animation, it stops at a random point in the animation and starts it over again.

    The first time this happened, I pulled the battery and tried it. It didn't help, but eventually it just fixed itself or something. This is the second time and now I can't get my phone to turn on at all, I'm just stuck in an endless loop. Please help me.
    09-22-2014 04:00 PM
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    Try Settings, Storage, Cached Data, and clear the cache.
    Probably that won't do it, so you may want to consider a Factory Reset, if your personal data is backed up. The link below describes how. If when you get into Recovery Mode, there is the option to wipe the Cache Partition, try that first. You'll lose no personal data doing that.

    Before you do any resets, are you sure your battery is not failing? Failing batteries can do funny things.


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    09-22-2014 05:38 PM
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    I can't access the settings because the phone won't turn on. I was able to attempt a hard factory reset, but when the reset restarts my phone I just get stuck in the loop again. Do you know how I would check to see if my battery is failing? That seems like a possible culprit.
    09-22-2014 05:50 PM
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    I can't think how I can have failed to realise that of course, you can't access Settings, so my first comments were useless. It was very late at the time where I am, about midnight, but that's no excuse! I apologise.
    Regarding the battery, if when you remove it, it's bulging at the front and back, that's a sign of failure. If there's no obvious distortion, try setting it down on a flat surface, and see whether you can spin it. A battery which is bulging is best left out of the phone....as well as the possibility of them bursting, they can exert pressure on the components and circuitry and do damage that way.
    Even if the battery seems undeformed, it may be worth having it tested by a repairer. If it's bad, see if the repairer will try a good one in your phone, just in case there's trouble in the phone as well, so that you don't waste money on a new battery for a faulty device.

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    09-23-2014 05:18 AM

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