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    so I got my galaxy s5 5 months ago and it has been wonderful I have not had any problem I usually don't use the original charger and I charge my batteries in the battery pack I plug in the wall and I interchange my batteries. but last night I noticed one of my batteries was swollen and I promptly removed the battery. before I noticed it was swollen my phone kept shutting off showing green lines on the screen that were horizontal and it would shut off and reboot by itself, I changed my battery to an original Samsung battery and I noticed that it is rebooting less but it just rebooted once after I changed the battery in the same manner that it did with the non original battery, how do I fix this? What is going on? I never had any issues before
    10-03-2014 06:56 AM
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    As you seem to be aware a bulging battery is a bad battery and may damage the phone. Take a close look at the battery compartment and check for damage to the contacts etc. Of course, this will not check for internal damage to the phone's components and circuitry.

    Are you certain that the battery you are using now is good?

    If you can boot into Recovery Mode it may just be worth performing a Cache Partition wipe or even, if your personal data is backed up, a Factory Reset. Both are described here:


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    10-03-2014 07:15 AM

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