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    I have two problems with my Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android) at the moment. I'll start with the more important problem:

    Somehow the whole "location services" thing doesn't work. Mode is set to "high accuracy". However, it won't work always while on data. In apps like "Swarm" I can't find my location. The GPS symbol is also not displayed...
    I tried to use the "GPS Test" app and after running the app Location services work properly for a few minutes. However, it is my impression only by GPS. When being in a building, were GPS won't work and only localization of mobile networks should be available, Apps won't find me again.

    I think, I used to get push notifications when I was somewhere on vacation. Swarm / Foursquare sent me suggestions for the neighborhood. This no longer happens.

    Which brings me to my second problem...
    Push also doesn't work properly. On the go (on data) I almost get no push at all. Instagram for example doesn't push at all on the go. Only when logging into a Wifi. Sync and background data is on.
    In Whatsapp or the FB Messenger push comes infrequently and usually only shortly after I closed the app. If I didn't open Whatsapp for some time, no Push comes at all. Only when I then reopen Whatsapp again, all the push messages come through.

    Does anyone have any redeeming idea? (Except a reset ...)
    10-06-2014 08:28 AM

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