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    i have lenovo raw a706...its an uncommon phone but a good android as i feel.it was working properly till today when its volume up button is acting like its pressed somehow.i tried to switch it off and start again but because the volume up and power button is a combination to start the boot screen the phone is showing the boot screen again and again. dont know what to do.i am thinking about taking it to some service center where its volume up button can be released to normal ...what say ??
    10-10-2014 03:03 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Do you mean that the volume button is, physically, stuck in a pressed-down position?
    Or that the phone is behaving as if the button were pressed down?
    Either way, the attention of a skilled repairer would be a good idea.

    Before doing that, try removing the battery for a few minutes, then replacing it.

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    10-10-2014 06:43 AM

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