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    How do I STOP FACEBOOK from always running, BUT keep it functioning normal when I use the app?
    *I'm ROOTED
    * galaxy s4 running 4.4.2
    *I keep location off, and have all the push notifications in the app disabled, as well as updates (etc), I do not like notifications coming to my phone (so that's all turned off)
    * with App Os Starter I've turned off location, notifications, etc.
    * what I HAVE NOT DONE YET, it's turn off anything with the DISABLE SERVICES app.
    It shows 66 options to ucheck.
    WHAT CAN I SAFELY UNCHECK and still have fb operate normal? (or if it's simpler, what should I leave checked?)

    SORRY this is a repeat. Accidentally posted earlier without logging in.

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    10-14-2014 12:56 AM

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