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    I want to know whether these is any FM receiver in android so that I can listen to FM stations. I am not looking for any online radio stations. I want to know whether android can work like a FM radio.

    If it is possible, then the antenna for reception is embedded in the phone or is it the headset that works as an antenna?

    I believe that there is no AM reception for the android. Am I right?

    It would be helpful if someone could reply me asap.

    Thanks in advance.
    10-14-2014 05:11 AM
  2. retsaw's Avatar
    Which Android phone are you looking at? Some have an FM radio, some don't. All the ones I've seen require you to have headphones plugged in to use as an aerial, and I haven't seen any with an AM radio.

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    10-14-2014 06:21 AM
  3. deerajs's Avatar
    I am talking about 4.4 kitkat version phones. Lets say Nexus 5 or Moto G.
    10-14-2014 09:18 AM
  4. hallux's Avatar
    The device needs to have certain hardware capabilities in order to support the FM reception. For example, my old HTC Thunderbolt supported FM reception (with headphones plugged in as noted by retsaw) but my Moto X does NOT support it. The answer is hardware-dependent, not OS-dependent.

    It actually looks like the 2014 Moto G DOES support FM radio...
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    10-14-2014 09:38 AM
  5. deerajs's Avatar
    Thanks for you help.

    I have one more doubt in my mind. I heard that there is no APIs for FM in android. I heard this from a friend of mine who is a developer. Can u guys please confirm this....?
    10-20-2014 04:19 AM
  6. Rukbat's Avatar
    There are none - hardware doesn't use APIs, An FM radio is just another audio source. (If your friend is a real developer - someone who can write an app in Java using just a legal pad and a pencil - he's kind of pulling your leg. There's no earphone API in any phone either, but they all support earphones. Not everything needs an API. If he's the kind of "developer" who uses an app to write apps (by dragging controls to a skeleton), he just doesn't understand what APIs are and how they work.
    10-20-2014 12:39 PM
  7. deerajs's Avatar
    Thanks for the support. Actually me and my friend are newbies to Android.
    11-25-2014 03:21 AM

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