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    So I had been using Hangouts as my SMS app for a while now, and while I always realized I could go back to the first time a friend and I texted each other....it never became clear how many there were between us until I downloaded Handcent SMS. Today I had been going through them all and deleting instances of text messages that would happen to be received in batches (I'm pretty sure this was a Hangouts bug, since it stopped when I downloaded Handcent) and Handcent decided it wanted to be inefficient about it by taking me back to my present texts every time I deleted one. These texts were months away so the constant need to have to load up older messages grew tedious incredibly fast.

    Now, I realized that the default SMS app on my Droid BIONIC was way better about this. I *also* realized that while the stock app originally cut off texts that past the 200 mark, it didn't happen to be the case atm...which I'm assuming is due to the 3rd party app (and Hangouts) that unlocked the rest of my history. So, in deciding that I didn't want to mess with shoddy 3rd party apps (or Hangouts) anymore, I got rid of Handcent.

    This is where the crux of the problem unfolds. I think doing this made the stock app revert back to limiting me to 200 texts per contact (yet I have other contacts in the 400s for some odd reason). I thought that if I went back to downloading Hangouts or Handcent I would be able to see the rest of our text history again....but I *cannot*. This is pretty upsetting because the texts meant a lot to us, and her burner phone doesn't have the storage capabilities that (I thought) mine had.

    Now I've tried using the Android File Recovery software but I only get around 800 of our text messages back, not the total 2500 that I lost. Does anyone know what could have caused this specific even, and/or how I could possibly mend it?

    For those who read this and respond, thank you.
    10-14-2014 06:25 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Unfortunately there's no way to get those messages back. It seems like messages may have been deleted in batch without you realizing it when you were deleting.

    Regarding the limiting of messages to 200 for some but not all contacts, I'm not sure either. Have you deleted Hangouts then rebooted? Give that a shot and see if it clears up the problem.
    10-14-2014 06:45 PM

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