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    I've tried MapFactor GPS Navigation and Cruiser so far, and they were both terrible. The former showed so much unnecessary map detail (that can't be disabled) that my S3 stumbled and jerked whenever I tried to scroll. The latter scrolled fine, but required a data connection for searches even with an offline map downloaded.

    Basically all I want is the equivalent of a paperback street finder, similar to Nokia's HERE maps. I don't need any fine detail at all, so long as the streets are accurately represented and the names are there, and so long as I can perform a search by postcode or street name. I don't need turn-by-turn navigation, or current speed measurement, or an on-screen compass, or an odometer or any other features.

    I'm only interested in maps for the United Kingdom. Free would be preferable, unless there's a free trial available to allow me to assess the full features of the app without paying.

    EDIT: Never mind, turns out Samsung have exclusive access to the Nokia HERE app beta, which has the offline facility I was used to on my N8. It's available only through GALAXY Apps. I've tried it and it appears to work brilliantly.
    10-18-2014 09:46 AM

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