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    Hello everyone. Last night I discovered a problem while texting someone. My phone would get really slow when I would go to text only that person. I realized it was because I have never deleted our conversation and has close to 10000 texts.

    I tried deleting the conversation, but everytime I tried my phone would crash and restart. So I let it sit overnight and tried again this morning. I found that clearing the data and cache from the app fixed the problem and now it's fine. But it only caused another problem.

    When I re-added my priority senders, everytime I close the app and open it again, a few of the priority senders icons/pictures would show the default avatar along with just the number and no name. And I can't figure out how this is happeneing. It only does it with certain contacts thought not all.

    Also, just with one person I text. Every once in awhile when I go to text them, the conversation shows up. But only a number, default avatar, and the reply box is gone along with every button except the trash button.

    Why is this happening? Hopefully I'm making sense..

    Should I maybe just delete the contact and re-create them?

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    10-28-2014 01:59 PM

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