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    I recently bought the Note 4 while transiting Hong Kong Airport. I find that the 'Sort by' and 'List by' feature is not available in the Contacts settings. Appreciate your help. Screenshot attached.

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    Attached Thumbnails 'Sort boy's feature missing in Note 4 Contacts-screenshot_2014-11-01-08-56-07.jpg  
    11-01-2014 01:19 AM
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    If it's not in Menu/Settings/List by (first name or last name), you can always use a different contact app that sorts by what you want. (List by and Sort by are really the same thing. The contacts are ina database - they're "sorted" in the database by the order in which they were entered, the same as any database. It's how they're displayed that you control - which I would call List by, but Sort by is about the same thing - sort how they're going to be listed. The only way to control how they're listed in the database is to save them all to a file, delete all of them from the database, sort the list on the file the way you want, then read the file into the database. Which makes no difference, since they'll still be sorted by however the app tells them to display. There's no ORDER BY function in the database that changes the order in the database, it only changes the order in which the results of pulling the data out of the database are displayed.)
    11-01-2014 11:44 PM

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