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    Dropped my s3 mini on a flagstone floor (doh!) and I went to check it, and it made a noise turning on and the little touch screen buttons at the bottom lit up, but the screen stayed black except for a pretty little white and other coloured flash that flicked momentarily along the right hand side of the phone.

    Aforementioned flash also comes up when you press either the home or lock button to lock it, the phone is rung, or it is plugged in to charge (basically in any situation where the screen would come on).

    It is in theory sensitive to touch still, because by using guess work, I am able to press the emergency call button and then hit random numbers on what would be the keypad if the screen was working so I'm guessing the problem is something to do with the screen.

    First of all, is it something to do with the digitiser?! Or is that something different... Also, do you know what the problem is, and if you do, do I need to take it to a professional, what does it need, and can I DIY??

    Please please help I cannot bear to lose another phone!!!!
    11-01-2014 07:02 PM
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    The fault will have to be diagnosed by a skilled repairer. If you just go ahead and replace the screen, it may turn out that there is other damage than that to the screen, so that the phone still won't work. Also, my opinion is that unless you are a really dab hand with the sort of carefully controlled precision work involved in phone repair, and have appropriate tools, and very preferably, experience, it would not be worth trying to repair or replace the screen yourself. I think you would know if you were competent to do it, and you sound a tad doubtful.☺

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    11-01-2014 07:56 PM

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