1. lucky43113's Avatar
    i have a chance to buy a galaxy s4 with screen protector and an otterbox case its on verizon 16gb for 200 bucks is that a decent deal i can use the bring your own phone program with my prepaid carrier that im using now just wondering if i should get it or not any thoughts or opinions would be nice thanks
    11-11-2014 02:21 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    If it's in good condition that's a good price. (I've seen them as low as $200 - no case, and as high as $300 in like new condition - no case.) But does your current MVNO (it's not a carrier - the carriers in the US are AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, Verizon, and a few smaller local ones) use Verizon towers, and is the phone you're looking at eligible for use on your MVNO? (A Verizon phone that was bought as a prepaid phone on Verizon isn't, for example.) Also, does Verizon give you the coverage you need where you need it? (ALL the places you need it.) They probably do, if anyone does - that have great coverage, but check to make sure - by using a Verizon phone (or one on your MVNO) where you need coverage. (For example, Sprint covers this whole city - except the inside of my daughter's house [due to something called knife effect, and a ridge across the street from her house]. It's great on her front steps, back yard, all over, just not in the house. AT&T, my current carrier, has great coverage all over her house.)

    Check with Verizon first though - with the phone in hand - that it's not blacklisted. Then pay the seller and have Verizon record the change of ownership. (A common Craig's List scam is to sell you a phone that's not blacklisted, wait a few days, then report it stolen. The "owner" gets your money, a replacement phone for a cheap copay, and you have a phone that can't be used. If Verizon has you listed as the owner, whether it's on a Verizon account or not, only you can blacklist it.)
    11-11-2014 03:54 PM

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