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    I am trying to encrypt my Nexus 4 running Android L. I was previously running CM11 on it, and I had encryption enabled which asked for a password when I turned the device on. I have used the "encrypt" option in the new android but it never asked me to set a password, and doesn't ask for a password when it boots up (I've done a factory reset, and full reinstalls every time I've tried). It does however ask me for a password when TWRP boots up, but seeing as I never set one (and leaving the field blank doesn't work) I can't access my data from recovery mode.

    Any ideas??

    **UPDATE**: For anyone interested or having similar problems, I have just tried again without root, and it has given me a much more convincing progress screen with a "percentage complete" indicator rather than a countdown type indicator. Fingers crossed!

    **Another update** Still never gave me the option to input a password!
    11-21-2014 04:30 PM

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