1. Byron Boshoff's Avatar
    Hi I could use some help.

    I have an issue with a my phone bootlooping and after extensive searching here and elsewhere i have not found a solution.

    I would like to post a thread but I am new here and am unsure about how to do this or where the right place would be.

    I have an UMI X1S which is currently sitting in a boot loop. I have succesfully replaced the ROM several times. The phone has an issue that I cannot get into recovery mode manually. (By pressing power and volume buttons). So I ended up using ADB to get into recovery and then flash a new rom that way.

    The reason the phone is in a bootloop is that the phone switched off (battery moved or something) while flashing a new rom. It is possible that USB debugging might be off. But before, when I had the same issue, after messing around for hours my phone did eventually boot into recovery, but I am unable to recreate the steps.

    Now my problem is that ADB will not find my phone anymore. Using >adb devices shows nothing. The phone appears in device manager as Android Device so the drivers seem to be fine. I have tried updating them anyway. This happens on two computers that I know have worked before. One Win8 and One Win7 .

    Please any help is appreciated.
    11-24-2014 03:22 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Go to eBay. Look for JTAG service. You'll have to find a JTAG service that can work on that phone. You'll probably have to contact a lot of the ones listed to find one that will be able to work on an UMI. Or you can contact UMI at service@umistores.com and ask if they can recommend a service either near you or that you can send the phone to.

    Considering the price of the service plus shipping and insurance both ways versus the price of an X1, it might not cost much more to just buy a new phone.

    The phone turning off during a flash probably corrupted the partitioning to the point that you can't do anything through the microUSB port any more. (If this had happened during an over the air update it would be the carrier's fault, because it's a known failing of the way Android does OTA updating, but since you did it yourself it's your responsibility.)
    11-24-2014 10:45 AM
  3. Byron Boshoff's Avatar
    Thank you for the help. New phone it is then.
    11-25-2014 12:45 AM

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