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    I just "discovered" linked contacts - apparently my phone is automatically linking some of my google contacts (the ONLY contacts that are synch'd to my phone - I do not have or use contacts from other sources on my phone). Kept losing contacts and getting annoyed that they were gone. (example: conference call contact, which includes call-in codes etc, for one company I work with got "linked" to a specific person that works for that company such that I could no longer search my contacts for "Corp. Conference Call". I have manually / accidentally found a few and separated them (they should never have been linked in the first place) but how do I find the others that are linked so I can confirm that the auto linking was done correctly? According to google contacts I don't have any duplicates and yet my phone has linked things. Do I need to open each and every contact on my phone and look for links? Or delete the entire account and then add again? If so, how do I prevent auto linking of contacts? I have searched the web and this site and all I find are the virtues of linking and how to do it - nothing on how to search for and find the linked contacts or confirm they were automatically done correctly! HELP PLEASE!
    12-03-2014 09:43 PM

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