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    I am interested in combining this: tasker.wikidot.com/failedloginphoto
    With this: tasker.wikidot.com/automatically-take-and-email-your-photo

    In order to automatically email a photo to me when a certain number of login attempts occur. I have followed the steps in the second link and all works well when I run the task manually on tasker. The issue is getting secure settings to recognize failed login attempts.

    How do I combine Tasker & Secure Settings?-92efdb20f7.jpg How do I combine Tasker & Secure Settings?-717857584d.jpg

    This did not work when I followed the instructions verbatim from the first link either. Either tasker does not realize when secure settings catches failed login attempts, or secure settings isn't catching failed login attempts. I used secure settings' notification feature to see what secure settings is up to, and it works normally (telling me when the display changes, when the usb is in, etc) but does not record any failed login attempts.

    How do I combine Tasker & Secure Settings?-ebdb2b8651.jpg How do I combine Tasker & Secure Settings?-185b16d65e.jpg

    Does anybody know how I may be able to resolve this issue?
    I'm using a SGS5 SM-G900H with Android Version 4.4.2 and Secure Settings Pro.
    12-09-2014 11:59 AM

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