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    Ok so I have a Galaxy Note 3 and I am trying to download some pdf files off either the Chrome app and the original Internet and when I do this everything seems to work fine... i. e. It gives me the download arrow in the task bar and then shows the download is complete, however when I click on it it shows up as html and it will give me a choice of two things to open it with and when I choose either one they open as a bunch of letters and codes.

    Any idea why this happens??
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    12-10-2014 09:08 PM
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    Hello. Welcome to Android Central.

    So do you retrieve it via the Download app on the (I think) Samsung folder.
    It should show as a pdf there.

    You can only open it with a pdf viewer like Polaris Office, Hancom, MS or I prefer the Kindle app for ease of scrolling.

    If it is not downloading as a pdf the issue lies elsewhere.

    From my SM-N9005 Note 3 on Tapatalk
    12-10-2014 09:40 PM
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    Yes I have and this is usually how it comes out....

    As you can see in my first attachment it will start to download as. html and in my second attachment it gives me just the 2 options.... The ES Note Explorer is actually a file explorer for all uses. I believe that it just might be the website I was going to because the code jpg I downloaded was a pdf file sooooo..... I am not sure at this exact time right now.
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    12-11-2014 07:55 PM
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    Yes. Try downloading a car brochure or a Samsung tv manual, something from a big site.
    I assume you have at least 1 pdf viewer on the phone so if it was a pdf it would offer one of those as options in Complete Action Using.

    I can't see ES Note Editor on the Play store unless it's part of ES File Explorer, which doesn't have a built in PDF viewer but uses those on the device.

    I would think the problem is either with ES Note Editor; the site you are downloading from as you say; or at a guess the phone only downloads in a different format because there are no pdf viewers available.

    Let us know how it works out.

    From my SM-N9005 Note 3 on Tapatalk
    12-11-2014 08:36 PM
  5. Kerch33's Avatar
    I honestly believe it is from the site itself, I did what you suggested and this is what I got... And as you can see in the 3rd attachment that it worked.
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    12-12-2014 09:58 AM
  6. anon8380037's Avatar
    The site then. and you are clicking a pdf link? Would the same file download as a pdf on a pc? Tried other browsers for the site.
    There may be other reasons it's not working but it's beyond me.
    12-12-2014 01:39 PM
  7. Rukbat's Avatar
    It looks as if, on the "bad" site, the link is written incorrectly (it's pointing to the page itself, not to a .pdf file), or you aren't pressing the link because it's so small that your finger is actually pressing the page, which is somehow set to download on a click on the page. (Web pages use onClick(), whether the browser clicks or presses.) All-in-all, it's just another example of "everyone thinks he's a web developer - even those who don't even know to test their pages before making them live". Just clicking the link (and every link should be clicked in at least all the major browsers) would have shown the "developer" his error.

    (Since you didn't post the actual address of the page you're trying to download the original .pdf from, I can't look at it to see wy it downloads as an .htm.)

    Your phone works on properly-written sites. That's all that matters.
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    12-12-2014 02:20 PM
  8. Kerch33's Avatar
    No I do believe that it is the website because I ended up trying to download it on my Mac book and it ended up turning /downloading as html as well.
    12-12-2014 04:29 PM

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