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    Hello! I have an HTC One (m7) but I'm pretty sure this happens on most android phones. Does anyone know how to turn off the curved white animation that comes up when you reach the end of a scrollable menu or the last page of something letting you know that you have reached the end? I think it does this when you reach the last home screen but I'm not sure because I've been using different themes for a while now, but it does it on the theme I'm using right now. I cant think of where else it does this right now but I know it does it in a bunch of other places too (maybe in the apps list, or the settings, depending on which company's overlay you have).

    I have already activated developer options and turned off all animals but these ones are still there. Anyone know of a way to remove these? Thank you!

    Edit: i have attached some picture with and without the white thing I'm talking about:

    How to turn off end of scroll/ rached last page animation?-screenshot_2014-12-14-21-03-46.jpgHow to turn off end of scroll/ rached last page animation?-screenshot_2014-12-14-21-03-54_1.jpgHow to turn off end of scroll/ rached last page animation?-screenshot_2014-12-14-21-07-19.jpgHow to turn off end of scroll/ rached last page animation?-screenshot_2014-12-14-21-02-23_1.jpg
    12-14-2014 11:02 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    You might be able to turn it off if you root the device and install Xposed Framework. Sorry, but I don't have direct experience with it, so I can't give you more detail than that.

    The other option to consider would be an alternate launcher like Nova Launcher, but this would make it look different from HTC Sense.
    12-14-2014 11:55 PM

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