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    Ok so thanks ahead of time for any help given, here is my story. I have a E980 with the latest AT&T 4.4.2 on it and should have done a little more reading before I installed a custom recovery. I used a one click rooting app for pc which worked great and root was achieved with no problems. Then not knowing about needing a lokified recovery for this I used FREEGEE and CM Rom Manager to attempt to install a custom recovery which both said they were successful and according to CM Rom manager i am running CM recovery My phone still works fine but I can't factory restore or boot into recovery without getting the secure booting error Cause: boot certification verify. I have looked for the last two days on this form and others trying to find a way to get back into recovery. Everything I have read on this error ends up leading back to me using the recovery to flash another rom or another recovery which I can't do. From what I have read the people with this error normally can't do anything on there phones. I do have Android studio installed (although don't really know how to use it) on my PC in hopes that there is some way I can fix this. Please if anyone can lead me in the right direction so I can get back into a recovery and load the lokified one it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for any help given!
    12-21-2014 12:43 PM

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