1. Thomas McGlynn's Avatar
    On device #1 In the app titanium backup I go to the schedules tab and click run on the option that says sync with dropbox. It takes nearly 2 hours to upload all of my apps onto dropbox. Then I go over to my fresh device #2 in order to download all of my apps onto this new device. I go in titanium backup go to the schedules tab and again click run in the option sync with dropbox. It says "cleaning up dropbox folder" and takes only a few seconds. Then nothing gets downloaded and all of my backups from device #1 are now deleted in my dropbox folder.
    12-28-2014 01:34 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    I've never used TB on Dropbox, but check whether there's a "direction" for syncing. If it's syncing Dropbox to what's on the device, syncing to a device with no backup will clear Dropbox. It should be syncing the device to what's on Dropbox.
    12-28-2014 12:48 PM

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