1. alpha_mike's Avatar
    Hello, im new to this forum and my English arent the best.
    I have a samsung galaxy s4 rooted.
    Accidently i deleted the Google servieces and google play store stoped working.
    I didnt know that you need Google Servieces to open and use google play store, so i deleted Google play store too and downloaded both again and intalled it.
    The problem is now whenever i try to open Google play store it saying Google play store Stoped.
    I did some research on the internet about the problem and i saw that many people had the same problem with me and the solution to this problem was the same at all situations ''go to download manager and turn it on'' or ''clear the chace in both google play and google services''
    Neither of that helped me so i came here looking for a solution.. so if anyone knows please help me!! Thank you
    01-06-2015 10:03 AM
  2. AZgl1500's Avatar
    I can't speak Farsi, Dutch, French, Arabic, Spanish, or any of the rest of the world's languages.

    You never have to apologize for learning a new language, you are doing a good job, so just keep at it.

    My first suggestion is to do a Factory Reset and restore the phone to its' original configuration.

    Since your phone is rooted, I have no knowledge of what effect that will do, or even if it will restore to the preferred rooted configuration, or try to return to the OEM configuration (this I doubt as the kernal has been replaced)

    I also in the early days of my Galaxy S5 decided to get rid of all the Google stuff, and just like you, Play Store quit working.

    There are a couple of steps that seems to help some folks, me for one. Open the newly downloaded Play Store app.
    Go to Settings and there clear out PlayStore's cache.

    For some reason, when the PlayStore's cache gets full, the app stops working.

    On my phone, the first hint I get that Play Store is not wanting to work right, I clear the PlayStore cache immediately and then it works again.

    hope this helps, and good luck on your English (it does seem to be the common denominator in the business world and for Forums)
    01-06-2015 03:04 PM

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