1. LaSantaAnaMaria's Avatar
    I am currently studying abroad and am without a data plan for my smartphone. My dorm's internet is working just fine. My computer is connecting without an issue (as evidenced by the existence of this post), but I'm having trouble with my phone. It is connecting to the network, but the network is set up so one needs to open a browser and sign in in order to use the internet. My information is correct and I can sign in on other devices, but when I try to sign in on my phone, the page takes forever to load and ultimately just shows a "no data received" message (on chrome) or "webpage not available" (with the stock internet).

    All my schoolmates' iPhones connected just fine. My HTC One is the only device having issues. I would really like to be able to use my phone to access the internet instead of having to use my laptop all the time. Any thoughts as to why this might be happening to me?
    01-10-2015 04:53 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Try clearing the cache of the Browser app. Going system settings - applications - Sort by all - browser.

    If that doesn't helps, then try another browser, such as Chrome, Dolphin, or Opera. See if that helps fix this issue.
    01-10-2015 06:47 PM

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