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    I am running into an issue with Android lately. I have always owned android devices and keep them backuped up using windows explorer in some capacity.

    Now my wife had made the swtich to Android and she takes alot of pics and downloads music. some of it is stored on the device, and some on the SDcard.

    I cant seem to find a desktop backup program that will backup her entire device like itunes did.
    She is using Kies3 with and S5 and it seems to backup everything on the phone itself, but not the sdcard.

    Whats is the point of being able to change the storage location of apps and the camera if you cant back it up?

    I have tried Kies3, Airdroid and Wondershare MobileGO (which threw a ton of errors on win7 64bit).

    She needs to be able to just plug in her phone open a program, make a few clicks and complete a backup.

    Is this possible?
    01-20-2015 01:09 PM

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