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    My motorola Nexus 6 won't turn on, when I try to power it on, it shows the Google sign then shuts off immediately. When I plug in the charger from a complete power off, the white battery sign keeps flashing, it shows for 1 second then shuts off then repeats the cycle of showing the battery sign then shutting off. It boots into bootloader/fastboot mode fine, and I have tried flashing the factory image, it flashes fine but it still shuts off immediately while showing the google sign. It won't even boot into recovery after the flash, it just shuts off after the google sign. This isn't my first nexus, in know that flashing factory image should fix 99% of issues. Please help.

    P.S I didn't purchase officially from google or Motorola, bought it from a guy who claimed he bricked it trying to install a font pack so I figured let me buy it and restore factory image. Didn't work. I tried Wugfresh toolkit also.
    01-27-2015 09:16 AM

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