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    I had my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a few days back and i am checking on the awesome features that comes with it.
    As i came to fingerprint features and i wanted to register my fingerprint an error message pop up the screen.
    "An error occurred with fingerprint sensor. Please restart your device....". I've tried to restart my unit for at least 4 times and it pop up same error message. I was losing option. A reset to factory settings is the last hope. For thinking that i might have install a software that could triggered these error. As i retrace back my steps, which application would have made these error i could not find any (one by one uninstalling application under application manager and restart the device). And i came to last option but to reset the unit to factory settings. After waiting for a few minutes, there i have a unit that comes out of box settings. Without installing any other application, i open fingerprint registration to my surprise same error pop up. Without any option left
    01-30-2015 07:23 AM

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