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    My tablet was stolen and I made a factory reset request but I see now that will preclude me from having any chance of locating and recovering it.

    I have already put in a request to lock it but that was subsequent to my request to erase it. I don't know if the lock request nullifies the erase request, is in addition to it or is negated by it. If possible I would like to retain the option to be able to track my tablet if it ever reconnects to the internet and, as I understand it, a reset makes this impossible.

    Can anyone give any advice on how I should proceed? I have contacted Google directly but am not sure how long I should expect to wait.

    Note: I am somewhat concerned because the online device manager says I last logged in on Feb 6 when I know for a fact it was Feb 7 in the evening. Should this concern me or will it get updated?

    Thank you so much for any guidance on these issues.
    02-08-2015 03:16 AM

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