1. AC Question's Avatar
    AFter the update..everything is fine..except it takes forever to send a text. Anyone experiencing this?
    02-10-2015 01:39 PM
  2. Martin Dugas's Avatar
    I've noticed the same thing. Not just sending but trying to input a response severely lags my device. My suggestion is to check your message settings for message limit and have it set to the default 200 and make sure the delete older texts is turned on. I just tried it and I haven't had a problem since.
    03-06-2015 07:37 PM
  3. gcowansr's Avatar
    Martin, thanks for the tip. It worked for me as well. I tried everything short of a factory reset to no avail. Phone is as fast as day I bought it. Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Again thank you.
    12-04-2015 01:30 AM

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