1. AlmostAlice's Avatar
    Phone: LG G3 LS990

    "Laptop": Unbranded 10" tablet w/ keyboard usb connection running Windows 8.1

    Also: No internet connection is available aside from mobile data on the sprint network.

    Also: I'm trying to use a kindle hd 7" to transfer movies and music to tablet.
    No devices are rooted
    Mutiple data cables used and available
    Drives for kindle and lg have been downloaded onto the lg g3 to be sent via bluetooth to tablet/laptop to install and allow me to transfer files via usb....

    Why does this seem so difficult?
    02-11-2015 02:24 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Can you be more specific about what you're trying to accomplish? The main thing I can gather from your post is that you want to transfer movies and music from your Kindle to the Windows tablet. Why exactly are you trying to connect the phone to the Windows tablet? So that the tablet gets an internet connection? So that you can transfer files?

    I think the difficulty may lie with your unbranded 10" Windows 8.1 tablet. Can you give more details about it? Is it running full Windows 8.1, or is it actually Windows 8 RT? If it's RT (which is the cheaper, less functional Windows that was originally intended as a mobile tablet version), that might not have as much compatibility with connecting an Android device via USB.

    If the tablet is a fully functional Windows 8.1 (not RT) tablet, then when you connect your phone via USB, the tablet ought to recognize it, at least as an MTP device. What currently happens when you connect via USB? Do you get a USB connection notification on the phone?

    If you want the tablet to have internet access, then you could try setting up and activating the phone's hotspot (i.e., if it's available on your data plan), then turning on the tablet's wi-fi and connecting to the hotspot.

    How are the movies and music stored on your Kindle? I'm not too familiar with the modified Android versions on Kindle devices, so I'm not sure how easy it is to manipulate and transfer files you may have downloaded from Amazon. They might make it difficult, in order to keep you in the Amazon ecosystem, as well as to prevent excess filesharing or copying.
    02-11-2015 07:45 PM

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