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    Hi im Kinda new here and the reason why im here is because of my phone -.-
    i have a samsung Gt-S7392 i try to go to the Sd card (internal memory) and it says there are no files no folders nothing but some of my app still works to try and see what the problem is i plugged it to my computer using my USB cable and what i saw is very Thought provoking the free space of my Sd card is in negative numbers specifically
    -104857600 bytes free of
    -104857600 does my phone have a virus or something? pls tell me how to fix this i searched the net for fixes and tips but nothing has the same problem as me therefore it cant fix my problem if you cant fix it telling me what causes the problem is enough for me only 1 year passed since i have this phone i dont want to get a new one yet -.-
    02-12-2015 04:09 AM

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