1. shanezam203's Avatar
    SMS is now Missing Attached Photo Option in Hangouts on Google Voice but using email to email it's there. I was able to attach Images (from a computer) in the past on both Google Voice and Hangouts,

    Again I am using Google Voice inside Gmail and can text and reply, I used to be able to attach a photo from my computer, picasa or camera backups inside the Hangout, now I can only do that for email hangouts, not SMS. Any suggestions here?
    02-13-2015 09:58 AM
  2. DLK1's Avatar
    SMS is for text only, to send a photo or other multimedia you need to send MMS. You said, you where able to attach them in the past, what has changed since then?
    02-13-2015 11:05 AM
  3. aaron clasby's Avatar
    noticed the same issue. I had the plugin for chrome and it updates automatically. a few days ago, I noticed the camera button was gone...the app doesn't allow mms, but the paperclip is still there for attachments, but probably because I have it set as my default SMS/MMS agent. I switch to send via carrier and the pics are received by whom I send them too. so at this point, google has done something because its an issue with the phone app and desktop chrome addin's.
    02-16-2015 09:14 AM

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