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    I am using an Samsung Galaxy S3 mini VE with Android 4.2 and searching for a setup to switch between automatic screen locking easily.

    I see 2 options:
    (1) Using the default screen locker with password (I think its called TouchWiz from Samsung). There I can setup up a timeout for screen lock of 30 minutes. That means after 30 minutes the screen is locked automatically, I cannot disable the timeout completely. I installed a Widget to lock the screen immediately, which I use when I am in public. When I am at home or in the office I would like to disable automatic locking completely, so I don't need to enter a password. I tried to use the "no lock" App, but it did not work, after 30 minutes the screen is locked. Is anyone using a Samsung device with "no lock" or similar apps?

    (2) The second option is not to set any password in the default screen locker and install a custom screen locker, which supports enable/disabling with a widget. Do anyone know such a locker? I did not found one, which is easy to disable/enable.

    Thanks in advance
    02-19-2015 11:47 AM

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