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    I have my video folder shared on a windows network. I am using a acer B1-730HD tablet. I can play any videos I like from my laptop to the chromecast using videostream. I can watch some videos on my tablet from my laptop and cast them from my tablet to the t.v..


    Some files I cannot watch on my tablet from my laptop. But if I transfer them onto my SD card I can watch them (and cast from the tablet to the t.v.) so its not a codec problem as they are all .mp4 and will work on the tablet and chromecast.

    So why can these files only be watched on my SD card nd not over the network?

    Please help.
    02-20-2015 07:59 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central. It might be the Chromecast can't read the files due to a minor difference. The app you are using might be at fault too.
    02-20-2015 08:55 AM

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