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    Recently upgraded phones from S3 to S5, same day, upgraded to Lollipop.
    Turns out that may have been a rather large mistake.
    I have dug up and pulled some video game sound effects to use as my Notification Ringtone, and while I had my S3, this was all perfectly fine, worked like a charm.
    Now that I've upgraded, my apps (With exception to Text messages and any apps that have specific notification tone settings for that application) refuse to use any of my sounds.

    I have cleared the cache, I've Factory Reset, and yet when I get notifications from apps like YouTube and Sims Freeplay, it's playing the Whistle tone rather than my custom notification tone.

    At first, GMail wouldn't use my custom notification tone, it was set to Default, which was that custom notification tone. When I changed GMail's settings to specifically use that notification tone rather than Default, it used my custom tone perfectly fine.

    My text messages use these same exact sounds perfectly fine, but regular Notifications will only use the Whistle tone. If I change my Notification Tone to one of the other Samsung notification tones, it will play those without issue.

    I thought that for some stupid reason it was the file type that it was disagreeing with, which would have been really confusing as to why it worked for some stuff but not for this one. For the sake of trying, I converted the file from WAV to MP3, and still didn't work. Ringtones work perfectly fine, I haven't had any issues with them, it's just Notification Tones.

    At this point, I'm at a loss for words and my only other option would be to take it into a Sprint Store and have them see what's up with it.
    02-26-2015 06:40 PM

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