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    OK so i've delved into the problems with the S5 camera on multiple threads, and realized that the only way to get a halfway decent shot in low light is either (a) use the flash, or (b) use "image stabilization" mode and wait for the cam to process the data.
    this morning i updated to kitkat 4.4.4 and suddenly, i don't have the option for image stabilization mode anymore.
    now all i have is "auto night detection" which seems to offer the same function as image stabilization, but does NOT.
    now the pics are more blurry than ever and i've tried to get a moving subject in low light to no avail.
    can anyone give me more info into the differences between "image stabilization" and "auto night detection"?
    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    03-03-2015 12:58 PM

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